Saturday, May 19, 2012

Confession Series: My Inner Brat

One of my most difficult things to confess is how broken I really am.   I am very perceptive which often causes me to be very sensitive and feel insecure about things.  In my mind, I manage to twist things around to appear  negative in my eyes.  It's very difficult to face and confess these emotions.  It makes me feel very evil and mean.

You see, it's not so much about having my way as it is about proving myself to be so wise.  Now I am finally facing the music so to speak.  I throw in the towel, wave the white flag.  I surrender.  I am confessing to the world that I am such a brat sometimes.  So it's only fitting that I clean up my act and get some sense before I destroy my valuable relationships.  My husband, children, family and friends are so very dear to me.

Do we all have demons to face?  Sure we do.  And I'm finally ready to tackle my giants head on.  I am running toward this giant hill of lies from the enemy with my sword, the word of God.  I will focus on what God says about me.  I will no longer allow the enemy to ruin my mind.  The cure to this ailment is prayer (lots of it) and spending more time in the word instead of the world.  I will no longer allow myself to be so distracted by TV, blogging, money, etc......  Not that TV and blogging is wrong, but it is when I'm so wrapped up in catching the latest episode of "whatever" or making sure that people are reading my blogs in place of my alone time with God.  It doesn't even have to be a long time and I know this.

Not only that but it's always very comforting.  I love to pray, praise, worship and fellowship all in the name of Jesus.  It cleanses my soul which should be done daily.

Sooo, with all that being said, I am asking my readers to please send up sincere prayers for me to do what I know I should to protect my mind from evil thoughts and false accusations.  I also apologize to those that I have hurt with my words in the past.  And to those that I have complained about for hurting me in the past.  Today is a new day and "We're all in this together."

From my soul to yours,

Starla Danielle Espinoza


  1. What a great honest post Starla. I really liked reading this and I agree with you 110%about how hard it is to keep those attacks from coming. I've actually been writing something on attacks by those unseen forces.
    They are so real and without His word helping us fight we/I would be so lost. Thank you♥

    1. Thank you Salina, I just read your post and I reiterate your words that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It makes me thankful to have God in my life.

  2. Loved your post Starla, thank you. I stand beside you and Salina and say yes, me too. I am so thankful to our God, whose truth will remain forever.

    I'm slowly getting better in recognising the lies, and replacing them with God's truth, all because of Him.

    I know that as God thinks about you, He smiles :)