Sunday, January 23, 2011

Perfect Peace

In today's society, you often have to steal your peace.  Then when you do get it, you have to guard it.  For me, music is a great way to get my mind right.  Sometimes you just gotta tune people out.  Now at home, we listen to music to help us get motivated when we have to clean house.  My walls would tell you that it's like Soul Train or Dance Fever up in my house on days like that.  I have 3 girls that dance to any type of music they hear.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I join in the fun too.  We eventually get the job done with our peace intact.

Another thing,  try to avoid watching the news all day every day.  I only watch the news for about 20 minutes on the weekdays and none on the weekends.  I used to criticize a close friend of mine a long time ago for not watching the news. "What if something drastic happens?  Don't you want to be informed?".  I eventully realized that only about 5% of the news is good.  I get sad and sometimes cry when I hear about strangers being killed, especially children.  Now does that sound peaceful to you?  That's more like turmoil and I don't need to follow the world's mess.  There are plenty of ways to find drama if you're looking for it.  If something drastic should happen, it will be played on the news every 2 minutes or someone will call me or text me in between time.  Every morning when I'm getting ready for work, I listen to Joyce Meyer--Enjoying Everyday Life on TV for 30 minutes and it's 100% positive.  That's the kind of information I wan't to fill my mind with.  The truth.

Guard your peace with the full armor of God that I talked about before.  That helmet of salvation guards your mind and helps you to keep the fruits of the spirit such as love, joy and peace locked in your mind.  The shield of faith blocks the arrows being fired at you daily by Satan, in order to steal peace from your heart.  Remember, Satan is a thief and he has demons working day and night trying to steal our joy and peace.  So guard yourself with God's word, which is the best way to defeat Satan and his demons.  There is a spiritual battle between good and evil.  It may sound crazy to those who aren't aware of the truth.  Learn the truth because please believe, it will set you free from worry, doubt and fear.  God will keep you in perfect peace, if you just keep your mind on Him.

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