Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stop, Drop, and Pray!

Sometimes it doesn't seem to take much to make me mad.  People who can't drive, (or drive worse than I do).  When things don't go my way, (am I spoiled?).  Having to repeat myself, (by the 3rd time that is).  Etc.....and the list goes on.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit always intervenes within seconds, (yeah it may take me a minute or 2 (hours that is), to actually listen).  When life throws darts at me, it's time I put up my shield of faith and take some of my own "godly" advice.

STOP, (time out, blow the whistle) and ask myself, "Self, what is really going on?  Is it really that serious?  Will it matter in the next 10 years?"  That question is a great way to put things in perspective.  I should also put on my helmet of salvation (guard my mind and my hard head) and my breastplate of righteousness (basically act like I have some sense).  

DROP it and give it to God ASAP.  I say that I trust Him with every second of my life (at least that's what I tell people).  And I really do trust Him so why do I feel the need to be a back seat driver?  He has already proven time and time again that He can drive much, much better than me.  And please whatever I do, don't speak while I'm upset, (nothing good ever comes out then).  Keep my mouth shut.  I must let it go and keep it movin!

PRAY, and then pray again, then pray some more til I get it right.  If I can't seem to utter anything at the time, I could always ask someone to pray for me.  Now Starla that does NOT mean call someone and start complaining about someone else, (girlfriend you know that is gossip).

Oh, oh I know, one more thing.  PRAISE!  Give God glory for giving me the grace to be able to do anything and all things through Him.

I am a strong woman with thin skin a.k.a. sensitive.  Is that an oxymoron?  I don't know but it could be a dangerous combination.  I act like I don't care what people think about me but honestly, what person doesn't care what people think?   I mean we have to care a little if we want to keep our job, and our friends, and--well you get the drift.

Wow.  Have I really told people to do all these things at one time or another?  It was most likely God telling me what to say. It's great advice so I think I'm going to give it a try.

Ya'll pray for me cause life is not always a box of chocolates and a bowl of cherries.  But that does sound good doesn't it?


  1. I enjoyed your transparency in your blog. Wow you say it like it is. Good for you. !You don't sugar coat it. Thanks for you input with my blog !

  2. I love it. Keep it Real my sister. You continue to STOP, Drop, & Pray and I will do the same. I believe we all go through this. It's a part of life but as long as we can recognize our faults and grow from them. That's the true blessing.

  3. Love this! Great advice! thanks for following I'm now following back!