Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Is More Powerful Than Death

Death has not won.  Love is more powerful than death.  Love will last forever, for God is love.

These words were spoken by T.D. Jakes at Whitney Houston's funeral.  I love how God spoke such powerful words through T.D. Jakes.  He stated that he knows "it seems like death has won.  How Cain killed Abel and how Noah died even though he survived the flood.  Isaiah and many more from the bible eventually passed away, and death seemed to win.  But 2000 years ago, Jesus came and said hold on death.  I have overcome the world and I have overcome death.  Death will not win and it will not  be the end ."

I grew up listening to every single one of Whitney's songs.  For me and my friends, her voice was the one that we aspired to have.  I remember we used to practice singing "I Believe The Children Are The Future" in my friend Kashae's bedroom, using a brush or a pencil as our microphone.  I never even got close to Whitney's gifted voice but I will always love every song she ever sang.

I know that Whitney struggled with drugs in the past but I also believe that she knew the Lord.  Was it enough to make it to heaven?  I don't know.  I hope so but only God can say for sure.  I think we would be surprised who we might see in heaven.  One thing I do know is I will be there.  When I die, I am confident that I will take my seat at His feet and be blessed.  Yes Lord.

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  1. Praise God, Starla, for Christ's gift for all of us! I loved Whitney's music, too.

  2. Thank you Lori. I love your latest blog post by the way.