Sunday, March 15, 2015

Notes On A Sermon-T.D. Jakes

I often read through my notes from sermon's that I listen to on podcasts or from church.  I love listening to podcasts by T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer the most.  Here are a few bullet points that I have from several T.D. Jakes' podcasts.  Some of them to name a few are: Your Opposition is Your Opportunity and Defying The Urge To Quit.

1. We damage what we are trying to save trying to go after something we are trying to kill.

Can I get a Amen?  And again?  This reminds me of the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation trying to kill cancer.  So many other parts of our body are affected and must be repaired by our immune system.  The process must happen if we want to eradicate cancer and hopefully end up with a better quality of life.  Sometimes the cancer comes back and sometimes it destroys us.  The good new is, cancer cannot destroy your soul or take away eternal life.  You have the choice to spend eternity with God no matter what happens to you in this life on earth.  Choose wisely to take up your cross and follow Jesus. "God may remove His hedge of protection from your stuff, your health, etc... but not your soul."

2. Don't miss an opportunity because of opposition.

Because we are caught up in a war between 2 worlds, opposition will always be a factor.  But God always provides an opportunity around the opposition.  You can't get more blessed w/o more problems.  They grow up together. The more you get, the more you need.  More anointing means more crushing.  Your source is greater than your situation.  Your source is greater than your circumstance.  God is your source!

3.  The enemy of your soul attacks you because you have value.  Wherever you see a thief or a robber, there has got to be some value.

4.  Nothing that the enemy has planted in your life can destroy what God has put in your life.

This goes back to opportunity vs opposition.  Keep hope alive no matter what happens in life.  Giving up is not an option.

5.  Dont miss your season worrying about your situation.  Everytime you try to fix your situation yourself, you mess it up.  God said, "Leave it alone."

Sometimes our circumstances can distract us from our goals.  Every time challenges creep up, nail them to the cross.  We were not designed to carry burdens.  We must learn to lay our burdens down to achieve the purpose that God has planted in our life.

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