Friday, January 20, 2012

Rainbow shines over Washoe Valley

Rainbow Shines Over Washoe Valley
The Washoe Drive fire that started yesterday 1/19 at noon out here in Reno, NV is about 65% contained. Close to 34 homes have been lost in the fire and a 93 year old woman died. A man has come forward and admitted to improperly disposing of fireplace ashes.

Someone took this wonderful picture today and when I saw this on the news, it really touched my heart. It reminds me of how faithful God is to all his promises. His power is made perfect in our weakness, our trials, and our pain. This rainbow is hope for all affected by this fire.

To the families that have lost their homes, this world is not our permanent home. I encourage you to look to God for restoration of all that has been lost. We don't realize just how resilient we are until we face a trial like this. All is not lost so don't lose hope.

To the family of the 93 year old woman that died, the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

To the man who may have caused this fire, the faces of those who look to the Lord are never covered with shame. Surely this was an accident and if you cry out to the Lord, He will hear you and deliver you from trouble. You have already taken a giant leap by coming forward.

To the firefighters, I have prayed for your safety and protection all day as you work to put this fire out.  Thank you for all you have done thus far.

For those that would like to offer help, do what you can and pray for God to do the rest. I personally feel like whatever amount I choose to donate is not enough but I pray for God to increase whatever I give ten fold and I know He will.


  1. Enjoyed your lovely post!
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  2. I Starla. Thank you for stopping by and linking up on the Get Wired Blog Hop again this week. I already follow you on your blog I followed you on twitter tonight.

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  3. How awful for the residents of Washoe Valley. I join you in your prayers.

    I love the sign of the rainbow; I always stand in awe as I think of the wonderful message of hope from our Heavenly Father.