Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love Never Fails

 Define love. What does it mean to you?  It seems that we all have different definitions of love and what it means to us. Do you have Agape (a-gop-ay) or unconditional love?  Just because we say we love someone that doesn't make it true.  If you say it, you gotta be about it. There should be actions behind your love for someone.  What would you do for love? 

Let's start with two things that do not belong together shall we?  Love and money.  First of all, you cannot buy love so that's out.  Well not true love anyways.  Second, the love of money is the root to all kinds of evil.  What evil you ask? ALL kinds of evil.  Let's take greed for example.  There is a show on TV called American Greed.  People have scammed and deceived many people, all for the love of money.  I guess they couldn't make enough of their own money so they had to steal it from other's.  I'm not just talking about survival money, I'm talking about millions of dollars.  And where are these people now?  In prison with not a dime to their name.  Now that's a dime shame.

Now let's talk about tough love.  Whew, that's a rough one.  Having to tell a loved one NO.  This is where you may have to turn your back on a loved one that has continously taken advantage of you.  They expect you to help them all the time, well because you love them.  They actually think that you owe them something.  Most of the time these people are irresponsible and you are usually doing more harm than good by enabling them.  As long as they can depend on your help and your love, they have no reason to change their ways.  Whether it be a drug habit or maybe even gambling.  There are many different ways to take advantage of someone and continue doing it until you love them enough to just say NO.

God's love for us is so great and He will say NO to us if it's not in our best interests.  He know's our hearts.  No does not always mean never, it just might mean the timing is not right.  Trust God to direct you, guide you and lead you.  Let your faith rest not on human wisdom, but on God's power and love.

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