Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is There No King In You?

Life is a song.  At least for me that is the case.  I write songs and I love music so much that I taught myself how to play the piano.  I learned terms like scales, octaves, and how to read music.  A lot of people learned how to play by ear which is amazing as well but I'm better at learning a song by reading the notes first.  Once I get it down, I memorize it forever.  There is a song for everything.  I find myself using song lyrics for almost every situation.  "Wrote a song about it.  Like to hear it?  Here it goes."

When I think of life's challenges, one song that I love is There Is A King In You by Donald Lawrence.  Every time I turn around I find myself facing a new battle.  But despite all that, God is teaching me who I am.  How to recognize that I was born to rule.  You see, I answer to the King of all kings.  This King knows me better than I know myself.  I am His daughter so that means that I come from royalty.

That means that I don't have to let the challenges of life keep me down.  Why?  Because I come from royalty and I know who I am no matter what the enemy's goals are.  There is a King in me.  Is there no King in you? When you have the King in you there is no room for defeat in you.  When you have the King in you there is no room for low esteem.  

So embrace your King.  

Sing that song, dance that dance.  
Talk that talk and walk that walk.

No more feeling like you are beneath.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are a lender and not a borrow.  You have an inheritance.  You have been adopted into the royal family.  

If you are not sure if the King is in you, say these words out loud:

I trust you Lord with all my heart.  I believe Jesus is your Son.  I believe He died for me.  I believe He rose from the dead and He is the Risen King.  I invite Jesus into my heart.  Please help me to crucify my unsurrendered soul every day.  

Help me to know your voice and to hear you when you call.  Amen.

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