Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Contract To Myself

This is my life.  It matters to me.  I was born to do great things. Through my veins runs resilience, determination, fight, drive, faith, and a hunger to get better each and every day.  I can't change yesterday, but I will have a massive impact on today and tomorrow.  I take my life serious.  If you choose to be a part of my life, I need for you to support me, push me, challenge me, and to encourage me as I seek my greatness.  This is my life.  I will not waste it.  My future dreams matter to me.


Those will be the words that drive me.  I have a destiny to fulfill.  I will always strive to be better.  Mountains, barriers, and challenges are temporary; I WILL NOT BE STOPPED.  I am a force for God.  I will intensify my focus.  I am what I am now, but I know that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

These are words from a contract that I received from a safety class held at my job by a very beautiful and inspiring woman that I have known for a very long time.  When I finished this class, I felt like I was ready to make some big changes in my life and my career path.  I have big, big dreams and I know that God is growing me and pruning me for the right opportunity and the right moment.  It's amazing how far He has brought me in my life.  I know that as long as I continue to lean and depend
on Him, to trust Him, to hold on to His unchanging hand, I can face anything and I can succeed in everything!

From My Soul To Yours,

Starla E.

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