Tuesday, December 28, 2010

U Go Girl!!!

Confident, beautiful, phenomenal woman.  Don't let nobody keep you down.  You are royalty, oh woman of God.  It is well within your heart and soul to feel His presence.  You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

Walk with your shoulders back and your head held high.  It's ok to say hi to people.  It's ok to smile at people.  You have a lot to be grateful for. 

Keep on steppin, no matter where you go.  But wherever you go, may they all know, that you cannot be stopped.  You will not be oppressed, depressed, obsessed or regressed. 

Take Jesus with you wherever you go, and if you can't take Him with you, then don't go there.  Keep it movin and groovin.  Encourage your friends and pray for your enemies.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no. 

And if you don't do nothin else, just go!  Even if you have to go by yourself!

You Go Girl!!!